Building with hemp bricks


Hemp is known for it's strong, sustainable qualities. As a fabric. Green Rabbit has been working to create lightweight bricks from this material, in order to build cities more sustainably, with less impact on the environment in the process.

Green Rabbit is a start-up that aims to use hemp as a material to create bricks from. 

Why we use hemp:

Growing hemp only takes a few months and uses less water in comparison to most natural materials. Being as strong as hemp is, it is also very resistant to bugs and deseases. Resulting in a completely organic harvest as a suitable way to work.

Green Rabbit benefits:

The bricks are created from the stems of the hemp plants, leaving the leaves to use for creating fabrics and other materials. The efficiency also works in aspects as:

  • humidity the bricks absorb moist better compared to conventional bricks, leaving a healthy, clean house also in humid environments
  • isolation because of it's construction the bricks perform as a geat isolation material, keeping unwanted temperatures and noises outside
  • CO2-reduction besides the production process being much more environmental friendly, construction will save on CO2-emissions because of the light weight aspect of the bricks. This will save on emissions during transportation etc.

Besides the environmental aspects Green Rabbit also adds value to safety, in cases of earth quakes the light weight bricks will provide a safer environment for inhabitants.

Our Challenge:

For production on larger scale and further development of our product we need to work with construction companies and builders, learn from them to further improve and create a market.

Do you have any insights in how to bring Green Rabbit to the market? Let us know at:

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Written by MATTEO VEZZONI on 13-07-16

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19 Sep 2017
Comment from erik

I presume you don not want to produce bricks... but blocks without a heating process, otherwise ther will be no co2 redcution.
So we have some experience in producing block thru pressure which requiers only 1 percent of the energy it take to produce bricks. So if you ar interested in our experience fel free to contact me...

19 Sep 2017
Comment from Michiel

Hi Matteo,
We are preparing a scoping mission e.g on hemp to Bangladesh in November. Can I contact you for more information and to see if I can disclose potential markets there? What about shelters for Rohingya refugees?