Dutch retailer JUMBO: we need to cooperate more

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Dutch retailer JUMBO: we need to cooperate more

“When customers go to JUMBO, what do they expect? The majority just wants a carefree shopping experience”, Pieter Goudswaard, CSR advisor at JUMBO, states. “Consumers can be inspired, but you shouldn’t bother them with too much information and too many choices. Supermarkets need to make sure that things are well organised.”

“That is a serious challenge. A retailer like Jumbo carries about 32.000 products, all with their own complex production chain. Take an Easter egg with ingredients like chocolate, hazelnuts and milk. You have to start with the largest difficulties. Those are often in the primary production,” Goudswaard says. “You have to work from your own conviction, step by step and accept that most of the focus will be on the things you aren’t doing yet.”

Complex reality
“Of course there are certification systems that try to guarantee that all is well. Reality is often much more complex. You don’t achieve real change with just setting requirements at the gate. You have to give suppliers time and space to work towards the desired situation.”

Shift borders
“We must aim for progress. So we’ll have to talk to our suppliers and other partners in the chain. How do they see the future? What is the dot on the horizon and how can we work together towards that? JUMBO wants to start that movement, also with manufacturers and suppliers who are not quite there yet. We will have to start projects together that reach further than the norms; to shift borders.”

“That is risky at times. People can be quite critical. Sometimes it seems that only misery is newsworthy. Journalists quickly highlight the negative details and ignore the bigger movement we are trying to start, and everything that is already happening. Especially with larger brands and retailers, such as JUMBO.”

More cooperation needed
“Sometimes competition gets in the way of structural improvements. Retailers, A-brand manufacturers, suppliers and producers, all struggle with the same questions, but each walks its own path. If we work together more, it will save lots of time and money.”

Reality check
“At the moment I’m working on projects in sustainable large-scale production of tropical fruits and keeping agricultural soil fertile in the long term. I’m in this together with a group of progressive companies and CSR Netherlands. It is very inspiring to sit together with various stakeholders from the chain, including the smaller suppliers and producers. I see it as a kind of ‘reality check’; we’re keeping each other on our toes. I hereby invite everyone from the sector to join in.”

This is a translation of the Dutch article JUMBO: we moeten meer samenwerken published on Grensverleggers.

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Dirk De Witte
Dirk De Witte

Beste Pieter, een kleine stap in de goede richting:

waarom niet consumptie goederen dragen in een bedrukte betalende draagtas die, bij thuiskomst, uitgeplooid wordt en een zwarte/grijze dubbel zo grote vuilniszak wordt.

Jumbo's interesse zal uw huidige leverancier van huisvuilzakken aanmoedigen mij te kontakteren.
(hopelijk geen chinese fabrikant)

Carrefour, Cora en Leclerc hebben succesvolle verkoopstesten uitgevoerd met mijn betalende handgeplooide dubbelgebruik draagtassen

28 November 2017 11:55