Rethinking Spatial Planning of Kajjansi market, Uganda

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Rethinking Spatial Planning of Kajjansi market, Uganda

In relation to the changing dynamics of the market structure it is necessary to rethink the spatial planning of Kajjansi market. What do stakeholders think and what do they need?

The challenge currently is that the existing spatial structure does not allow for expansion of the market causing  congestion. The congestion is a result of overcrowding by the market vendors, stalls that are stocked beyond capacity, dilapidated structures and limited storage capabilities for both wholesale and retail trading.

Currently the project is at the Stakeholder consultations/feasibility level where stakeholders are being engaged and information is being acquired while strategic partnerships/collaborations being formed in the process.

The process of stakeholder mapping begun with the identification of major industries/companies/ schools in close proximity to Kajjansi market as well as stakeholders’ meeting. The stakeholders were recommended by the Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA). A series of meetings have taken place since then.

Feedback stakeholders
Data from the initial research conducted by B-Space and feedback from the Stakeholders’ meetings indicates that Kajjansi market is not only congested and overpopulated, but it also lacks basic amenities such as proper drainage and waste management systems. The market’s original plan didn’t consider population expansion which has greatly contributed to the congestion problem. Therefore, there is an urgent need to re-evaluate the spatial structure of the market with careful consideration of these changing dynamics.

What we need
At this stage, expertise in the Structure-Conduct- Performance model of market structures will be helpful for strategic analysis when conducting market research.

Information on precedent studies of markets that can help in this research and application of the SCP model would enable us to tackle current and anticipated challenges of this case study. Any other information that may be deemed useful to this case study by the Twenty One network community is welcome.

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Things have been moving the last months. There are new reports available about the progress and we are looking for Dutch entrepreneurs who can assist us in waste management (plastic recycling and biobased waste to energy) and fresh food distribution in the area.

27 March 2017 15:27