Pampering bike parking: easy by bike to town!

Pampering bike parking: easy by bike to town!

The city must increasingly compete with online expenditure. Therefore the accessibility and experience of the city needs to be improved. Visitors of a city would love to go by bike as long as parking for their often expensive bike is good: safe, comfortable, and the possibility to borrow a buggy or umbrella. Therefore we develop pampering bike parking.

Why pampering bike parking spots?
The city center is changing fast, well-known store concepts go bankrupt and visitors buy online more often. The consequences are well known: vacancy and a poor shopping experience. While those perceptions just need to be improved: buy your groceries online, but do your shopping in the city. IKEA understands that and creates a shopping experience, including easy parking. And a city center can offer much more than IKEA.

Visitors by bike
More often guests visit a city by bike. They often have a more expensive (electric) bike, buy more, want a nice lunch and appreciate what the city center has to offer. Those visitors do not want to experience the misery of theft and want their bikes to be put safe. As a city you will provide those visitors a central, safe and friendly full service bike parking. However, most municipalities have no money and time to organize this.
Therefore we would like to provide this for them.

About the pampering parking spot for bikes
A pampering parking spot for bikes is more than a parking and looks like this:

  • It is a bright, clean and friendly space in a prime location, such as an empty shop premises on the outskirts of the shopping area;
  • There is a helpful host, a comfortable parking system, good lightening and bike registration;
  • You can also borrow a stroller or an umbrella, rent a bicycle, put your purchases and bag in a locker, charge your parked E-bike, pick up your online purchases;
  • It has long opening hours, tailored for the user;
  • It also has storage options for residents and shop owners.

A pampering bike parking has many benefits for everyone involved
Did you know you can park up to 800 bikes in the area fit for 16 cars? In addition, the construction and management of bicycle parking are a lot less expensive. The public space is less cluttered, which also increases the value of the area, as people are expected to stay longer and spend more.

An example which appeals to us: if you come to the city by bike, you can also buy a drink at a bar. You earned your beer, because you saved money on your parking ticket.
Finally, bicycle parking with a host also means jobs for people who might otherwise find it difficult to get a job. It is thus also a social solution.

Our ambition
Based on a successful pilot in Utrecht, we want to move towards a complete formula that we can apply in all municipalities. This year our goal is to achieve in at least three municipalities 2-3 service bike parking spots, each with about 350 places.

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